PubMatic’s Analytics API provides you ability to view and interact data insights to improve performance. Our APIs are designed to be easily integrated; they are simple HTTP requests supporting the GET protocol to send a request to the PubMatic Analytics API Server with mandatory and optional parameters in the query string. PubMatic’s Analytics API provides query parameters such as dimensions, metrics, filters, and the query date range. The response is JSON format.

The PubMatic Request contains the following set of details:

  • HTTP Request with GET protocol
  • HTTP parameters
  • HTTP head


Method Path
Method Type
Link to Definition
Historic data query for a Publisher
/data/buyer/{id} GET
Historic data query for a Buyer
/data/dsp/{dspId} GET Historic data query for a DSP Get the Bulk-Data Details for a DSP

Parameters Details

The following sections provide a detailed description of the parameters expected by the PubMatic system in the HTTP GET request:

  • HTTP Parameters Details
  • HTTP Header Parameters Details