The Automated Guaranteed (AG) APIs allow publishers and buyers to create, manage, discover and negotiate AG inventory in the PubMatic system. AG is a solution that allows you to control, price and manage the reserved inventory products and deals and discover and purchase inventory. It is an automatized workflow that helps you sell inventory and packages to agencies, trading desks and direct advertisers looking for guaranteed, exclusive or specialized publisher inventory across multiple third party buying platforms. It includes the following sections:

  • Products - A product defines a publisher’s ad inventory. A product is a combination of one or more ad tags or sites that can be monetized as an inventory package. A product can also be defined as mappings to entities in the publisher’s ad server.
  • Offers - An AG offer describes the terms under which a particular product is sold, including pricing, targeting, and the demand partner platform. Offers ultimately turn into line items when purchased in an order. 
  • Orders - An order is a collection of line items being purchased by a buyer at once.  Therefore, orders begin by adding offers to an order which become the order's line items. A line item is an offer that has been purchased for a specific date range, quantity, and price.
  • Change Requests - Change requests can be initiated after an order has been approved by both parties. It allows modifications to orders to be proposed and approved by both parties if a change to an already approved order is wanted. 
  • Creatives - Creatives can be assigned to line items and reviewed by publishers before activating line items in the ad server. 

Below is a high-level workflow describing how the above elements interact with each other during the creation of an AG order. 


Note: APIs for this section are not currently available. We are in the process of drafting and finalizing these APIs and will finalize them soon. Thanks for your patience!