The Brand Control API specification provides information using which DSPs can share their Creative Details with PubMatic.


Method Path

HTTP Method Type


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This end point helps DSPs to obtain the list of PubMatic publishers that are using this feature and their sites.

Get Creative Review-enabled Sites



This end point allows DSPs to submit new creatives to the PubMatic system so that they can be viewed and actioned upon by Publishers.

Create Creatives

/brandcontrol/creatives PUT This end point allow DSPs to update the details of already submitted creatives. Update Details of Creatives



This end point allows DSPs to inform PubMatic the list of creatives which are deleted from their system and will no longer participate in bidding process.

Delete Creatives



This end point enables DSPs to pull publisher-wise list of creative IDs which are approved and/or rejected by publishers.

Get Creative Preferences