Decision Manager Standard API allows publishers to get bids from PubMatic for all the ad units on the page ahead of their ad server and pass the bid response from PubMatic as key-value into the ad server. It works for any ad server that supports key-value targeting.

Decision Manager Premium enables publishers to optimize the value of an impression between direct and indirect monetization channels and delivers insights to better understand advertiser behavior across sales channels.

For more information, contact your PubMatic Account Manager. Download the following documents to integrate with either Decision Manager Premium or Decision Manager Standard API:

Change History

Version Date Changes
9.0 18th Dec, 2015 Updated the “Placing Decision Manager Standard Script on the Page” section for syntax issues. Added synchronous sript tag. Updated demo publisher ids
8.0 2nd Dec, 2015 Updated the “Placing Decision Manager Premium Script on the Page” section
7.0 2nd Nov, 2015
Name changed as per new Product rebranding
Added a script in the “Placing Decision Manager Premium Script on the Page” section
6.0 16th Sept, 2015

Re-structured the Decision Manager Technical Integration guides for DFP and ADTECH.

5.0 15th June, 2015

Added "Limitations" for advanced GPT support release

4.0 15th May, 2015
  • Updated the"Best Practices to Create Line Items in the Ad Server" section in the "Client Side API"
  • Updated demo page URLs in the "Client Side API"
  • Changed screen shot at page 11 in the "Client Side API"
  • Renamed "Enhanced Ad Serving API" to "Client Side API"
3.0 14th April 2015 Updated the generic script for option 1 in the "Placing Decision Manager Script on the Page" section
2.0 28th Jan 2015
  • Added details about the new DFP-specific generic script in the DM and CS API guides
  • Re-structured the DFP and ADTECH details in the DM guide into two separate guides
  • Added details and screenshots about the ADTECH campaign creation in the DM and CS API guides
1.0 16th Jul 2014 Initial release