This document describes what features of the OpenRTB PubMatic supports and limitations. The latest OpenRTB 2.3 specifications are available at This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the OpenRTB 2.3 specifications.


PubMatic supports the OpenRTB version 2.3 subject to the following limitations explicitly mentioned below.


  1. Ad Markup must be sent by the DSP directly within the bid response (nurl parameter will not be supported.).
  2. While integrating with PubMatic, Demand Partners should ensure that the buyer or seat ID they provide for deals is a numeric string. * In addition, Demand Partners should always send numeric string values in the “seat” parameter mentioned above, and not alphanumeric string values; otherwise this may result in an error.
  3. PubMatic allows upto 5 bids in case multibids.
  4. PubMatic currently supports only one element in the “adomain” and “attr” parameter.

Other Details

  1. bid.tmax, that is, the maximum time for response will be 100 ms. This will not be sent in the bid request (for saving bandwidth).
  2. Regarding the user.geo object, the information will be filled only if it is passed by the Publisher.
  3. Demand partners must send the following parameters in the bid response; otherwise such a bid will not be included in the auction:
    • adomain containing the advertiser’s domain
    • cid containing the campaign ID in the DSP's system
    • crid containing the creative ID in the DSP's system used for reporting content issues or defects
    • seat containing the ID of the bidder seat on whose behalf this bid is made
    • iurl containing the sample image URL (without cache busting) for content checking.
    • attr containing the array of creative attributes

Note: PubMatic recommends to use “bcat”, “bdav”, “battr” and “bidfloor” parameter whenever sent in a bid request.

  1. Supported currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SEK, CHF, CZK, DKK, BRL, NZD.
  2. To target the tablet-specific impressions, demand partners should check for the devicetype parameter with value as 5 and then fall-back to devicetype parameter with value as 1.

Note: PubMatic recommends to send “cat”, “h”, “w” parameters in the response.

Supported Objects/Parameters


Object Supported Recommended Parameters Not Supported Optional Parameters Supported
Bid-Request Yes   at, bcat, badv, regs
Impression Yes   tagid, secure, iframebuster, pmp
Banner Yes   pos, battr, topframe, expdir, api, wmax, wmin, hmax, hmin
Video Yes   linearity, battr, minbitrate, maxbitrate, playbackmethod, companionad, api, pos
Native Yes    
Site Yes   domain, pagecat, page, ref, mobile, publisher
App Yes   name, bundle, domain, storeurl, cat, ver, paid, publisher
Content No    
Publisher Yes   ID
Producer No    
Device Yes lmt devicetype, make, model, os, osv, js, language, carrier, connectiontype, ifa, didsha1, didmd5, dpidsha1, dpidmd5, macsha1, macmd5
Geo Yes   lat, lon, type, country, region, metro, city, zip, utcoffset
User Yes   yob, gender, keywords, geo
Data No    
Segment No    
Regulations Yes   coppa
PMP Yes   deals, private_auction
Direct Deals Yes   bidfloor, bidfloorcur, at, wseat